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The articles which are linked below have been recommended for inclusion in this site by members of the network. Some are from the Surplus Value journal, but others are just recommended reading. Please send any suggestions for articles to our contact email.


Australian Issues
Howard’s Grave Diggers - Michael Connors writes on Australian unions and their challenges
The Gap Between Work and Choice - David Peetz analyses Work Choices and its effects on workers
The Workers Audit - An audit of Qld finances by a group of "angry workers" to expose the inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the current (July 2012) Qld Govt audit of finances

Why Socialism? - Albert Einstein’s Monthly Review article expressing his belief in socialism
The Tempest of History - Terry Eagleton's engaging article on the need for socialism
Does Ecology Need Marx? - Martha Jimenez writes about the ecology and Marxism
Revolution is the Only Answer - An interview with John Bellamy Foster on ecology and Marxism

Why Socialism Did Not Fail - Sharat Lin analyses why socialism did not fail in the USSR
Wage Robbery - or How Surplus Value is made - A short article published in a 1965 edition of the BLF journal, explaining surplus value and class politics. An excellent example of political education in a workers journal.

Problems and Analysis of Capitalism
Speculation in Iron Ore Prices - A two part article in Spiegel Online from 1st June, 2010 on the speculation in iron ore prices being driven by multinational iron-ore miners in Australia and the finance capital behind them - and the danger that this could lead to another dangerous "speculative bubble"
Marx's Economics: A Dual theory of value and growth ?
- from a book chapter by Michio Morishima
What Keeps Capitalism Going? - Michael Lebowitz’ essay on why capitalism continues to grow
Somewhere a Banker Smiles - Joe Bageant writes about the wealthy, ruling elite under capitalism

The Capitalist Workday - Michael Lebowitz writes about work under capitalism and socialism
Housework Under Capitalism - Cindy L’Hirondelle examines the free labour of housework

State, Capital and Economic Policy - Chapter 1 State Management of Labour Power - an extract from the book by Suzanne de Brunhoff
State, Capital and Economic Policy - Chapter 2 State Management of Money - an extract from the book by Suzanne de Brunhoff

Gold: Durability of a Barbarous Relic - an essay by Peter Cochrane in 1981 on gold as a measure of value.
From the Gold Standard to the Floating Dollar Standard - an essay by Ramaa Vasudevan from Colorado University in 2008, - an appraisal in the light of Marx's Theory of Money.
Employees each mine a $1 million seam - an extract from an article in the Australian Financial Review, May 2011 by Adrian Rollins on the capital generated by each mining worker in Australia

Book Reviews, Art & Culture
Still Working - Review of the book, Modern Times, Ancient Hours, by Pietro Basso
Revolutionary Art - Dedication speech by Mike Alewitz for the Labor Art and Mural Project
Dialectics for the New Century - Introduction to new Bertell Ollman book on dialectics