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Australian Issues

Re-igniting the struggle - draft of a paper advocating a Brisbane Workers Assembly, by Dave Eden
Occupy Brisbane 2012 - an assessment by Dave Eden
A Timeline for anniversaries  1915 & 1965 Useful for planning radical activities
A Timeline for anniversaries  1916 & 1966 Useful for planning radical activities
Howard’s Grave Diggers - Michael Connors writes on Australian unions and their challenges
Geneology of the term "Terra Nullius" - an article by Andrew Fitzmaurice in 2007 on the term "terra nullius"
Who was Jack Simpson - a polemical pamphlet on the working class origins of Simpson (of the donkey fame)
Jack Simpson - red hot unionist - a poster
Shooting Koalas and the fur industry 1927 -article by N.L. Howlett
The rich in Sydney during the depression era - article by Drew Cottle
The Australian left and the ANZAC tradition - talk and article by David Faber 2015
The myths of pluralism - article by John Playford
A new use for central Australia - ironic article in 1917 on war and central Australia
Mining Tax - talk by Joe Collins at Eureka Dinner

General Politics

The Long Con a 2015 book review by Jackson Lears : The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organised Wealth and Power by Steve Fraser
Promoting PLutocracy a 2015 review of US regime-change practice and impact on democratic rightsin recent times - by Stephen Gowans
Paper Tiger Finance by Hung Ho-Fang - a review of Walter & Howie's Red Capitalism: Fragile foundation of China's rise
Reviews on Stalin - A review article on books about the causes and consequences of Stalinism, published in 2009
History of Crisis Theories - a general introduction by Anwar Shaikh on the history of theories of crisis
Class analysis of the 1979 Iranian revolution by Satyananda Gabriel
Problems in China - from the Economist October 2015
Problems in China II - from the Economist October 2015

Problems and Analysis of Capitalism

Capital and the Production of Needs:   by Michael Lebowitz
Marx's Falling Rate of Profit - a Dialectical View:
  by Michael Lebowitz

Crisis in capitalism - November 2015
     Articles in The Economist Nov 2015
ABC, Foreign Affairs and Indonesia 1966-69   A 2003 analysis of the Australian Foreign Affairs Dept and ABC coverage of the Indonesian crisis of 1965-69 by Karim Najjarine & Drew Cottle.
Boer Camps - An analysis of modernisation in the context of the Boer War British concentration camps.
Raw Materials Supply - A history of the supply of raw materials during the industrial revolution, and its relevance to the growth of capital during that period.
Serf or Slave - A discussion of the development of serfdom, and the relationship between the proportions of labour to land in relation to this.
Fair Value Accounting - A lecture  by Prof Rob Bryer, Warwick Business School, of direct relevance to the Glabal Financial system.
Professing In-Equality - Some interesting Press quots on equality and inequality - revealing the values of the politicians who have uttered them.
Financial Sytem - Current Notes - A series of powerpoint slides of a talk by Claudio Borio, Manager in the Bank of International Settlements - "The financial cycle, the debt trap, and financial stagnation" - an insight into the minds of the financial bourgeoise.
Mineral Rents - A history of the development of laws for property rights in mining - during the mineral boom in  Nevada, USA in the 1860s.
Finance Capital and the GFC - A summary of technical terms associated with finance capital - transcribed from a special edition of Historial Materialism - Symposium in 2009 on the Global Financial Crisis
Factory Discipline in the Industrial Revolution - An article by Sydney Pollard detailing the disciplining of industrial workers in England in the 1770s.  Relevant to the story of working class under current capitalism.
Bank of International Settlements - Report by Manager 2014  Outlines three policies he recommends to "step out of the crisis" - one major voice of international finance.
LIBOR Explained - A review article in London Review of Books, 2008 by Donald Mackenzie
Speculation in Iron Ore Prices - A two part article in Spiegel Online from 1st June, 2010 on the speculation in iron ore prices being driven by multinational iron-ore miners in Australia and the finance capital behind them - and the danger that this could lead to another dangerous "speculative bubble"
Marx's Economics: A Dual theory of value and growth ? - from a book chapter by Michio Morishima
What Keeps Capitalism Going? - Michael Lebowitz’ essay on why capitalism continues to grow
Somewhere a Banker Smiles - Joe Bageant writes about the wealthy, ruling elite under capitalism
The Capitalist Workday - Michael Lebowitz writes about work under capitalism and socialism
Housework Under Capitalism - Cindy L’Hirondelle examines the free labour of housework
State, Capital and Economic Policy - Chapter 1 State Management of Labour Power - an extract from the book by Suzanne de Brunhoff
State, Capital and Economic Policy - Chapter 2 State Management of Money - an extract from the book by Suzanne de Brunhoff
Gold: Durability of a Barbarous Relic - an essay by Peter Cochrane in 1981 on gold as a measure of value.
From the Gold Standard to the Floating Dollar Standard - an essay by Ramaa Vasudevan from Colorado University in 2008, - an appraisal in the light of Marx's Theory of Money.
Employees each mine a $1 million seam - an extract from an article in the Australian Financial Review, May 2011 by Adrian Rollins on the capital generated by each mining worker in Australia

Book Reviews, Art & Culture

Still Working - Review of the book, Modern Times, Ancient Hours, by Pietro Basso
Revolutionary Art - Dedication speech by Mike Alewitz for the Labor Art and Mural Project
Dialectics for the New Century - Introduction to new Bertell Ollman book on dialectics
All Quiet on the Western Front - a review by Modris Eksteins - war, memory & politics
The Crises of Democratic Capitalism - by Wolfgang Streeck