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The links below have been recommended for inclusion in this site by members of the network. Please send any suggestions for recommended web sites to our contact email.


[Except where indicated, these videos should play on any of the common media players, such as Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player]

Freeway struggle in Brisbane, 1972 Peter Gray produced this documentary , " The Battle for Bowen Hills" to record the 1972 battle by local residents against a freeway planned to cut thier suburb in half. The struggle was successful
Video Documentary of the Latrobe Valley Strike in 1977
Peter Gray produced this documentary of the 1977 strike of power workers in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.
A rap on the destruction of the British Health system
Andrew Lansley is the British minister of Health in the new Conservative UK government. Enjoy this rap on his attacks on public hewalth in the UK
Capitalism and Climate Change Part 1 of 5
- a talk by Marxist ecologist & Monthly Review editor John Bellamy Foster to the Climate Change|Social Change conference held by Green Left Weekly in Sydney April 11-13, 2008. (9.01 min - 17.0MB)
Capitalism and Climate Change Part 2 of 5 (9.01 min - 14.3MB)
Capitalism and Climate Change Part 3 of 5 (9.01 min - 14.6MB)
Capitalism and Climate Change Part 4 of 5 (6.24 min - 12.2MB)
Capitalism and Climate Change Part 5 of 5 (6.16 min - 11.8MB)
Communist Manifestoon - the Communist Manifesto told in cartoon form (8.17 min - 17.8MB)
The Internationale - sung by Alistair Hulett and Jimmy Gregory (3.16 min - 6.3MB)
The Herd - video clip of an anti-imperialist song by The Herd (3.26 min - 6.9MB)
Crisis of Capitalism - a talk by Professor of Economics, Rick Wolff, on the current crisis of capitalism. You will need Quicktime (link to download site , or use already downloaded exe file) to view this video. (38.47 min - 509.5MB) ** NEW [added February 2009] **


Audio Books - various Marxist texts available as audio files from Marxists Internet Archive.
Trade Unionism in Crisis
- by Tom Bramble for Perspective, ABC Radio (6.04 min - 2.8MB).
Political Playwrights - from Artworks, ABC Radio (25.08 min - 11.5MB).
Marxism - Audio Recording of 'Marxism', Chapter 15 of Realizing Hope by Michael Albert. Read by Mark Stevens. This audio recording was created for members of The Study Group in Cardiff (initiated by members of PPS-UK), to listen to for next meeting. Some members of the group found it difficult to engage with theoretical text, their situation being that of after having worked all day and then seeing after children later, reading theory was hard. See Z Audio. (18.48 min - 17.2MB)
Julia Gradgrind - Interview with Humphrey McQueen on 3CR community radio, Melbourne in December 2009. A "no holds barred" discussion of the current role of the ALP (or "Anti Labour Party") in assisting the Australian state to organise capital and disorganise labour, specifically around health and safety laws and industrial relations laws. (20 min - 19.6 MB). This discussion inspired the poem "Ms Killard et al Gradgrinds" from Jim Sharp in Brisbane.