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Welcome to the Surplus Value website

Surplus Value is a project of The Praxis Network, a loose community of Marxian thinkers and activists from around Australia.  Our initial plan is to build a viable and useful network amongst ourselves.  We also trust that others may be interested in joining in this project.  To carry this out, we have established this website and an email group for discussions and debate. We also publish a journal (currently annually).

Latest Additions to our site.

May 2015
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April 2015
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 4th January, 2015
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Our aims are threefold - to:

  • reintroduce class as fundamental to developing political understanding and strategy, particularly for the labour movement to respond to current strategies and tactics of capital in a globalised world.

  • reintroduce a materialist approach to our own history and into everyday political practice.

  • bring a dialectical approach to our political activity, so that strategies are based on the lives and experiences of everyday Australian people - both workers, and those currently dependent on social security – rather than on a dogmatic assertion of “political truths”.

Image above:"In a paired series of mural-like canvases, titled “Builders” and “Pastimes”, the French painter and Communist Fernand Leger (1881-1955) depicted scaffolders as acrobats and circus performers as collective workers. Here, creativity appears as work while work is represented as art, in a world where both jobs and play enrich human capacities. Leger portrayed “new-fangled” human beings, reliant on each other and hence unafraid of machinery or frameworks of steel. For a glimpse of what work should look like, consider the joy in Leger’s paintings." (John Berger, Permanent Red, Methuen , London , 1960, pp. 121-25. )



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