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COVID-19 as a systemic disease  - Round Table discussion presented by WA Primary Health Care Alliance
How far has Science come on Anti-Coronavirus drugs? - talk by a scientist working in China - streamed live on Nov 10th, 2021
Covid, Capitalism and Ecology - a discussion with Rob Wallace (Big Farms Make Big Flu: Dispatches on Infectious Disease) & Mike Davis (The Monster at the Door 2006) , each of whom has new books out on this subject, are the two leading socialist writers on the issue of the pandemic in the world. This event was put together by GEN and System Change not Climate Change
Sonia Shar  - Microbes Animals and us - habitat loss and epidemics - pub The Nation, 2019
Peter Doherty on Sentinel Chickens - what birds tell us about our health and the world - pub 2012
Sonia Shah writes about the Destruction of wildlife habitat & virus pandemics - March 2020
Ian Angus on Superbugs in the Anthropocene - written in 2019
Mike Davis  extracts from The Monster at our Door : Global Threat of Avian Flu (2005)
     Preface: Piety
     Chapter 1: Evolution's Fast Lane - (Pandemics and Asian Flu),  and Conclusion: Year of the Rooster, 2005
     Chapter 7: The Triangle of Doom - Plague
     Chapter 8: Plague and Profit - The corporate profit makers
Poisonous Food Industries - The Judith Wright Address by Humphrey McQueen in April 2019
The Health Gap in an unequal world - Book review by Bee Wilson of the Michael Marmot book "The Health Gap"
Medicare USA - on its last legs - Harpers Magazine article from 2016 by Trudy Lieberman
Sustainability and Prevention in health care - lessons from Wales, UK on thier public policy initiatives
Pharma-geddon - an article in Fortune magazine about the concentration of capital in the pharmacy retail industry in US
Human Nature and Advertising - a history of the uses of human nature by the advertising industry
Brain Food - manipulation of our food desires
Salt in food and the Food Industry
Biography of Richard Titmuss - social policy pioneer in UK
Processed food and human health
Healthcare is not a commodity - article by H. McQueen
Big Pharma and US Drugstores - "Pharmageddon" - an article from Fortune Magazine, Feb 2016
Sustainability and Prevention in Healthcare - lessons from Wales - an article in the MUA journal Feb 2016

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