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These articles have been contributed to this website in the spirit of promoting discussion, dialogue and debate. Some but not all of these have been published in the Surplus Value journal . If you would like to submit an article you have written, please send them via our contact email.


Series of articles

The Global Financial Crisis - a perspective by Australian Marxist historian, Humphrey McQueen
[These articles were originally published on the Workers Bush Telegraph.]
Michael Lebowitz
The following articles are a series analysing the writings of Michael Lebowitz, a founding member of the Socialist Studies Society and a Professor Emeritus of Economics at Simon Fraser University. The articles are contributed by Humphrey McQueen
Charles Darwin after 200 years
A series of short pieces by Humphrey McQueen on the importance of Charles Dawrin to materialist dialectics on the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth

Contributions from Members & Supporters [member or supporter-contributed articles for discussion]

For Young Battlers-  a story of inner city Adelaide (Bowden-Brompton), by Colin Ball in 2016
The dialectics of Finance
- Written by Mike Willis [August 2011] on finance and speculative capital
Robots and Constant Capital - Written by Don Wilson about understanding increased use of robots in automation as the balance between constant and variable capital [August 2012]
The Railways and Capitalism - a document written in 1973 by railway workers and published by CPA(ML) - currently being updated [2012]
Open Letter - anti-racism - Written by Dave Eden, an open letter to comrades and friends on the struggle against racism amongst the class [August 2011]
Going to extremes - a short piece by Humphrey McQueen as a speech at the Spirit of Eureka  anniversary event in Melbourne recently [November 2008]
Socialists and the Economy - Peter Curtis’s response to observations and questions arising from the economic crisis [February 2009]
US thinks to itself: What a beautiful recession! - Don Wilson - a personal view of the current [ 2008] economic crisis
Marx on Crises - Humphrey McQueen - extracts from Marx relevant to the current [2008] economic crisis
Prognostications - Humphrey McQueen - a discussion of 1937 views of Marx and economic crisis
Australia' Construction Stasi - Humphrey McQueen - analysis of the role of the Australin Building and Construction Commission - established by the Howard government and continued under the ALP Federal government

Welfare for the Australian Mining industry - Humphrey McQueen - a reprint of sections of his book "Gone Tomorrow: Australia in the 80s" (1981) dealing with taxes on the mining industyrycompared to government "welfare" in the form of subsidies to the mining industry. Very relevant re the current (May 2010) controversy over proposed super-profits taxes on the mining industry.
Labor's Super-Earnings Tax - Don Wilson - a discussion on the need to build a campaign in support of the mining super-profits tax being proposed by the current ALP Federal Government
Killard - Humphrey McQueen (June 30, 2010) -CHARGE SHEET FOR TREASON AGAINST THE CLASS OF HER BIRTH JULIA GILLARD (aka Killard and Gradgrind)
Clive Palmers Christmas Present - Ross Gwyther(November 30, 2010) - a response to the news that businessman Clive Palmer has provided "generous" christmas bonuses to workers at his nickel processing factory in north Qld.
Wikileaks and people's struggles - Humphrey McQueen (Dec, 2010) - a speech given in Canberra at a rally in support of Wikileaks, to highlight the ongoing importance of people's struggles.
Chinese Crackers - Humphrey McQueen (Feb, 2011) - a detailed analysis of the political economy of the so-called "Chinese miracle"
- do the numbers stack up?

Editorials & General Commentary [from the Surplus Value journal]

Editorial in Issue No.2 - Untitled [May 2008]
Editorial in Issue No.1-
The Winds of Change [May 2007]
Towards Socialism -
an outline of the aims of the renamed Praxis Network [May 2008]
AIM for Socialism -
the original aims of the Australian Independent Marxists [May 2007]

Journal Articles [member-contributed articles from Surplus Value Journal]

Teachers' Voices Demand Recognition - Peter Curtis - the position of teachers under the new Labor government [May 2008]
A Turning Point
- Ross Gwyther - opportunities for on-going class struggle under new Labor [May 2008]
Make Capitalism History
- Don Wilson - change will only be accomplished by the complete overthrow of the capitalist system [May 2008]
Not The 1930s
- Humphrey McQueen - why is the productive system in this crisis? [May 2008]
Fire Sale of the People's Assets Continues
- Paul Gould - possible privatisation of public assets in Queensland [May 2008]
Are You Being Served
- Paul Gould - Naturalisation of Capitalist Bias In Australian Society [May 2007]

Music and the Arts [member or supporter-contributed articles for discussion]

What a Wonderful World - Ross Gwyther- Detail of the censorship of Louis Armstrong and his widely known song (What a Wonderful World" [January 2010]
This Land is your land - Ross Gwyther- Detail of the censorship of Woody Guthrie's song "This Land is Your Land", and performance of the censored verses by Pete Seeger at the Obama Inauguration. [January 2010]

Book Reviews [member or supporter-contributed articles for discussion]

Women of the Coal Rushes - Ross Gwyther- Review of a book by Georgina Murray and David Peetz - interviews with Qld women in the coal mining industry - and analysis of their roles as wives, partners, strikers and miners [December 2010]

[Note: Contributions will be vetted, and publication is at the discretion of the web site editor. Articles will generally be published if they contribute to genuinely-open, non-sectarian dialogue, and are not likely to create legal problems for The Praxis Network.]