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  Articles, audio and video relevant to a general Marxian analysis, including discussion of Marxist texts.
           Marx & Engels Writing
           Marxist Analysis
           Marx & Australia/NZ
           Michael Lebowitz writings


Marx & Engels Writing

Capital Vol 1 Moscow Publishers Edition

Capital Vol 1 Penguin Edition
Capital Vol 2 Penguin Edition
Capital Vol 3 Penguin Edition
The Communist Manifesto
Engels' Anto-During
Wage Labour & Capital
Theories of Surplus Value
Dispute over Everyman Translation of Capital
Everyman Translateors Preface of Capital
Marx & Engels to German Communists 1846
Definitions in Marx's work
Marx on Proudon's "Poverty of Philosophy" - a letter to Annenkov
The student's Marx - an introduction to the study of Capital by Edward Aveling, 1897
Engels Synopsis of Capital Chapter 1 - Laurence& Wishart edition, 1985, Marx & Engels Collected works V 20
Engels Synopsis of Capital Chapter 2 - Laurence& Wishart edition, 1985, Marx & Engels Collected works V 20
Engels Synopsis of Capital Chapter 4 - Laurence& Wishart edition, 1985, Marx & Engels Collected works V 20
Marx letter to Annenkov on his analysis of Proudhon  Dec 1846 (in M & E Collected Works Vol 38)

Marxist Analysis

Classic Marxist Theories of Imperialism A succinct analysis by Murray Noonan, first published 2022 in the
                                                        Oxford Handbook of Economic Imperialism

Cohen and Harcourt discuss the controversies amongst Cambridge economists about Capital - 2003
Walecki on Marx and Polish nationalism - 1982 
Grossman on Capitalism's contradictions - Marx and Dynamics
Karl Marx Symposium
   - by Bernie Taft in 1969 on anniversary of Marx "Capital"

Dobb - Studies in the Development of Capitalism 
  (A 1946 publication b Maurice Dobb)
Marx Lessons for politicians
- Article in "The Economist" May 2017
Marx's "Accounting" solution to the transformation Problem
- Bryer, 2008
John Clare and Karl Marx - a comparison of an analysis of money by Karl Marx and poet John Clare
A Capital Reading Course - by Polylux - series of slides to assist a reading of Capital
A Thatcherite finds Marx - the Middle-Class Squeeze
Bruce McFarlane: the consummate Marxist - an essay by Rajah Rasiah
Marx and the Machine? - Donald Mackenzie writes about Marxism and the role of the development of technology  in the growth of capitals.
Why Socialism? - Albert Einstein’s Monthly Review article expressing his belief in socialism
The Tempest of History - Terry Eagleton's engaging article on the need for socialism
Wage Robbery - or How Surplus Value is made - A short article published in a 1965 edition of the BLF journal, explaining surplus value and class politics. An excellent example of political education in a workers journal.
Why Socialism Did Not Fail - Sharat Lin analyses why socialism did not fail in the USSR
History of Crisis Theories - a general introduction by Anwar Shaikh on the history of theories of crisis
Mass Communications & Advertising - analysis by Smythe on a "blindspot" in Marxist thought
Mass Communications & Advertising  response - response by Livant on this topic
Discussion of Capital by Bohm-Bawerk


Michael Buckley on Dialectics and Motion in Hegel - 1971
Stan Grant on Fukuyama and Hegel
Econometric Model & Historical Materialism
- two different approaches to analysing society
Oscar Lange & Historical Materialism - an essay
Dialectics & Systems Theory - by Richard Levins
Model Building in Population Biology - by Richard Levins
Problem of Miracles in 1830s: Lyell and Babbage - essay by Walter Cannon
Behaviour, Purpose and Teleology - essay by Norbert Wiener and others
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 1&2 - Praxis and Marxism   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 4 - Dialectic  of Nature?   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 5 - Consciousness as reflection of nature   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 6 - Bsae and superstructure   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 7 - Is Marxism Deterministic   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 9 - Praxis and Positivism   by John Hoffman, 1975

Marx, Marxism  and Australia / New Zealand

The Distribution of Wealth - written by Samual Griffith in 1889
Wakefield, the colonisation of Australia, and Marx - by H.O. Pappe 1951
The genesis of capital - by Garran in the Australian Economist, 1890
Marx, Engels and Australia - by Henry Mayer, 1964
Marx's sources on Australia (for Capital Chapter 33) - by Henry Mayer, 1964
Socialism - a remedy for Social Injustice - by Max Hirsch, 1924
The IWW in Australia - Verity Burgmann, 1995
American influences on MZ Labour movement - by H. Roth, 1961
Review of book on Hegels influence on Marx - by G. Portus, 1926
Reflections of a socialist on  life in Australia - "Happy Highways" by G.V. Portus, 1953
How Marxism came to New Zealand - by Herbert Roth, 1953

Michael Lebowitz

Analysis of misinterpretations of Marx's Critique of Gotha Program - written in Science & Society, 2007
Marxian Thoery of Crisis - an essay 1994
Lebowitz, class conflict and Labour value theory - an essay by Ben Fine, 2008
Lebowitz response to Ben Fine - 2010
Gotha program - misinterpretations of Marx's critique of Gotha program
Political Economy of wage labour
"The book on wage labour" and marxist scholarship
Capital and the Production of Needs
The One sidedness of Capital
Marxian theory of Crisis
Class conflict and the value of labour power - a Discussion by Ben Fine on Lebowitz views
Separation amongst workers - five questions for Ben Fine
Marx's Falling Rate of Profit - a dialectical view
Monopoly Capital