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This page contains poems either contributed or suggested by members of the network. Please send any suggestions for poems or links to poetry sites to our contact email.


Poetry - A regular feature dedicated to revolutionary and working class poetry

On our earth,
before writing was invented,
before the printing press was invented,
poetry flourished.

That is why we know that poetry is like bread;
it should be shared by all,
by scholars and by peasants,
by all our vast, incredible,
extraordinary family of humanity.

--Pablo Neruda

Contributed poems
Austerity - by Colin Ball
voodoo economics - by Jim Sharp, retired unionist
on the wane - by Jim Sharp
Dust Capital - by Gordon Castle

The Socialist ABC - by Alex Glasgow
Ms Killard et al Gradgrinds - by Jim Sharp

Poems from other web sites
Globed from the Atoms - by Lucretius, approx 60BC
The Shopper - by Bertold Brecht
Communism in Verse - by Eric Peterson
In Memory of the Paris Commune
- by Walter Crane
- poet unknown
- a poem to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Blake
Productivity Bargaining Blues
- author unknown
The Song of the Shirt - by Thomas Hood (1799-1845) [see Jim Sharp's comments about the poem]

In Praise of Communism - by Bertold Brecht
The Shopper - by Bertold Brecht

A new book of poetry by SurplusValue contributer Jim Sharp.
Read about it here and purchase your copy online.

Collections of poetry and Music - web sites
Union Songs - a website with over 750 songs and poems, 290 authors, about half are Australian