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  Articles, audio and video relevant to a Marxian analysis of science    

History of Science

On Lysenko  A discussion of the Lysenko affair and J.B Haldnae response to Lysenko (2017)
The Science Problem
An essay by Kavita Philip on science and materialism (2020)
Spontaneous Generation and the Origin of life - a book chapter by John Farley.
Bragg in Adelaide
Famous Nobel-prize winning X-Ray Chrystallographers Bragg (father and son) developed these revolutionary ideas while in Adelaide.  This paper explores this history
The Unscientific Method - New Scientist article by van Gilder Cooke in 2016 on the flawed research based on unconscious biases  
Publish and Perish - Article in The Economist 2016 on how poor scientific methods leads to bad science.
Cosmology and the meaning of sundials - Book chapter by Jim Bennett on the depth of detail and understanding in the eraly development of sundials, and associated iRenaissance instruments.
History of Science in European tradition- Brian Cox
Historians of science and hegemony - Gramsci revisited- Nieto-Galan, 2011
Prehistory of Newton's Principia from 1664 to 1686- Whiteside, 1991
Selling Newton - science in 18th century England- Larry Stewart, 1986

Science and Society
The Social and Economic Roots of Newton's Principia - Famous lecture by Boris Hessen in 1931 at international History of Science conference
Social and Economic Roots of Hessen - Analysis of Boris Hessen, marxism and Soviet science in 1930s by Loren Graham in 1985
Review of the work of Stephen Jay Gould - extended review by Richard Lewontin 2008
Exposition of new concept of the capitalocene - by Jason Moore 2014
The Capitalocene as against the Anthropocene - by Daniel Hartley 2015
The social impetus for technological change - paper by Nathan Rosenberg 1969

Science and Marxism
Dialectics and Systems Theory- Richard Levins, 1998
Marx on the dialectics of elliptical motion- Thomas Weston, 2012
Original outline of general systems theory- Original text in 1950 by Ludwig von Bertalanffy